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420 S Clip


420 S Clip

(Includes 3 Screws per clip)

The 420 S Clip is generally used to mount panels to furring in the field. It can also be used in full length bars to mount panels directly to drywall.  The 420 S Clip is a high performance upgrade to the more traditional panel clip, providing improved ‘locking’ and fast precision mounting. The "S" Clip is stronger, easier to adjust and has higher resistance to side movement than other mounting clips.  It can be used with all wood, MDF, and architectural panels with or without furring.  Like most clips, it requires a ¼" pocket for flush-mounting panels.

The 420 S Clip is made of extruded aluminum cut to 2" lengths, when paired they require a 2" x 3-1/2" pocket (3/8" lift-off).  Features include a unique ogee profile that snaps into place, letting the installer know that the location is correct and the panel is seated properly.  There is 1 screw-slot for adjustment and 2 for locking, the clips are ribbed along the backs, aiding fine adjustments, (1/32" increments), also providing extra strength and security. 

The 420 S Clip can be quickly installed and the fastener locations determined with 421 S Alignment Clip, which is snapped into the top half of a pair.  
The panel is then pushed into place to mark the exact 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” screw pattern. This simplifies the installation process and saves substantial time; insuring the # 8 x ¾” wood screws are correctly located. The panels are then pushed in and down hard to lock into position.  

    Cost  Benefit Estimates
    Traditional panel clips are time consuming to layout and install, taking about 6 minutes per pair.  At $50.00 an hour, that is  $ 4.97 per clip.  With use of the 410 NZ Alignment Clip time can be cut in half, while the hardware cost as low as $0.25 per clip, is competitive with all other premium clips.

    Strength Testing with 3/4" - 45 lb. particle board

    • Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 150 lbs. –  Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 25 lbs.
    • Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 150 lbs. – Working Strength, Weight holding = 25 lbs. 
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      Product Specifications

      420 S Clip, Specs, 1-28-19 (pdf)


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