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334 Mounting Screws 5/16" (Includes 100 Screws)


334 Mounting Screws 5/16" (Includes 100 Screws )

These 334 Mounting Screws 5/16" have 5/16" between the two heads, the threads are 7/16" long, and used for 3/4" panels. 
334 Mounting Screws 5/16" are compatible with:

(They are also sold separately for use with the 5/16" deep Keyhole.)       

The head is the same size as a Standard #10 flat head screw, however, it has a narrower shaft to allow for movement.  The threads have the same diameter as a 5mm Euro Screw and can be used in 7/16" holes. The screw's length is 9/16" and has a flat bottom that requires pre-drilling.  They can also be epoxied into corian and other solid surfaces.

Note: We recommend that you allow at least 1/16" of additional length to your pre-drilled hole to prevent bulging.

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